Qeys Instruments developed new sensors, including RFID sensing tags and fingerprint sensors based on pulse processing technologies. The unique pulse processing technology introduces a new method of communication and signal conversion, and enables a new format of signal, in which digital signals are mixed with discrete signals carrying analog sensing values. This new signal format makes the communications among digital devices and analog sensors efficient and reliable.







RFID Sensor 1
RFID Sensor 2
RFID Sensor Array
Fingerprint Sensor

RFID sensor array and sensor group based on pulse-processing


An RFID device having sensor arrays incorporated in its tags. Conflicts between tags in communication are avoided by adding a sleep section to the code sequence.more

Fingerprint Sensing device


A fingerprint sensing device that measures the capacitance between an array of electrode plates and finger skin using pulse processing, in which pulse width rather than voltage level, is used for capacitance measurement and digital signal conversionmore

RFID sensor using pulse processing

A radio frequency identification device having sensing elements incorporated in its tags, and the sensing value determines the width of a sensing pulse in its RFID code. more

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Patents in the market 


US Patent No. 7,965,877, Fingerprint Sensing device 

RFID sensor device based on pulse-processing


A radio frequency identification device having sensing elements incorporated in the clock generators of its tags. more