The Multifunctional Delta P/Pressure Sensor is used for providing sensing information, including an exhaust gas differential pressure, an absolute exhaust gas pressure, an optional exhaust gas temperature, an environmental temperature, and an optional ambient humidity, to an ECM. This sensor can be used in a DPF system for measuring delta P across the DPF and an absolute pressure upstream or downstream from the DPF, in a SCR system for measuring exhaust gas mass-flow rate, or in an EGR system for measuring exhaust gas flow rate. Additionally, the environmental temperature measured with this sensor can be used for diagnosing issues in exhaust gas temperature sensors, or used in a DEF dosing system for thawing frozen DEF and maintaining DEF temperature. In SCR applications, the humidity information provided by this sensor can be used for correcting engine out NOx estimate values in diagnosing system and sensor issues and controlling DEF dosing.

Application(left): DPF deltaP&P sensor; Application(right): SCR exhaust gas mass-flow rate measurement.



- Working temperature: -40-105゜C; humidity: 0-100%RH;

- Voltage supply: +5V; continuous current: < 100mA;

- Differential pressure range: 0-50kPa; accuracy: ±1%, resolution: 0.1kPa;

- Absolute pressure range: 0-2bar; accuracy: ±1%, resolution: 0.1kPa;

- Exhaust gas temperature sensor: PT100/PT1000/Thermistors;

- Environmental temperature sensing range: -40-105゜C; accuracy: ±1゜C, resolution: 0.1゜C;

- Ambient humidity sensing range: 0-99%RH; accuracy: ±2%, resolution: 0.5%;

- Exhaust gas mass-flow sensing range: 30-450g/s; accuracy: ±10%, resolution: 0.1g/s;

- Analog output: 4 channels 0.5-4.5V;

- Communication: CAN/J1939;

- Vibration: ISO 16750-3, EMC: ISO 11452 -2, -4, -5.












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