The Control Unit is a PCU(Pump Control Unit)/DCU(Dosing Control Unit) in the ADD system. It can be either used in the ADD supply control module for controlling the supply module and the ADAM, or used independently for dosing strategy control. The control unit also has a USB/Bluetooth communication, which allows sensing values (e.g. sensing values obtained from NOx sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors, and ECU/ECM), control commands, and status values be collected through wireless communication by a computer or a smart phone. And then the data can be further reported a data center for further processing.

The control unit includes:

- 2 CANs/J1939,

- 1 USB & Bluetooth,

- 6 Low-side 2A PWMs,

- 2 Low-side 2A PWMs with current feedbacks,

- 1 Differential Pressure Sensor Input,

- 7 Pull-up Analog Sensor Inputs,

- 1 Pulse Input,

- 1 Resistance Output,

- 1 Analog Output.












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