ADD (Air Driven Dosing) system is a unique hydraulic DEF dosing system used in diesel engine after-treatment systems for removing NOx from exhaust gas. The ADD system doesn't have electrical motors and only delivers DEF (no air-DEF mixing is required and no compressed air enters exhaust gas).
Compared to other systems such as airless and air-assisted systems, advantages of the ADD dosing system includes:
Low Initial Cost & Simpler System– no electrical heating required; low system cost;
Low Operating Cost – operating current < 1A, equivalently saving more than 200L fuel in doser's life time compared to airless and air-assisted systems;
High Performance – high dosing accuracy and good atomization obtained at low pressure(SMD<40
micron at 5 bar)
Easy OBD – capable of detecting DEF delivery issues;
Multiple Injection Modules are supported -- suitable for multi-can SCR systems and high horse-power applications (our ADD-0-2A-XX-0A-60 system is able to provide a dosing rate of 50L/hour and support 6 injectors).


Supply Control Module and a Multi-injector System


Integrated IntegratedB

Integrated Dosing System with ADD Pump and DCU/PCU Positioned inside a Urea Tank



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