US Patent No. 8,026,795, RFID sensor array and sensor group based on pulse-processing


This technology is about an RFID device having sensor arrays incorporated in its tags. Each tag generates an ID code together with sensing pulses the width of which changes with sensing values. Conflicts between tags in communication are avoided by adding a sleep section to the code sequence. The interrogator reads the ID code and digitizes the width of sensing pulses during the communication with tags, and then calculates sensing values based on the information obtained. Since only discrete signals exist in data acquisition, and the digitization process is in parallel with data communication, the system needs neither ADC circuits nor an extra process for signal digitization.

Uniqueness and benefits of this technology:
1. A mixed pulse sequence including discrete signals carrying analog sensing values and digital signals with ID information encoded is used for communication between sensing tags or sensing groups and an interrogator;
2. Collisions among pulse sequences obtained from different sensing tags are avoided with sleep time sections;
3. Sensing process is combined with communication process;
4. No analog signal exists in sensing tags and no ADC is required. Thereby sensing tags are insensitive to variations in supply voltage.


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