US Patent Application No. 13/920,064, Diagnostic apparatus for fluid delivery systems



This technology is about a diagnostic apparatus with an inductive fluid quality sensor for detecting failures in a fluid delivery system. The diagnostic apparatus includes a sensing probe, which has a Venturi portion with a sensing tube connected, and an inductive fluid quality sensor mounted on the sensing tube. The sensing probe can be connected in between a fluid tank and a pump, in between a pressure vessel and a fluid tank, or in between a pressure vessel and an injector. Both of failures in the fluid delivery system and that in fluid quality can be detected using sensing values obtained from the inductive fluid quality sensor together with operating status of the fluid delivery system. Additionally,  since the sensing prove is positioned in the delivery system, and fluid is emptied from the delivery system after delivery completes, damage due to non-uniform force created by frozen DEF is avoided.

Uniqueness and benefits of this technology:
1. An inductive fluid quality sensor positioned in a fluid flow path for detecting changes in fluid quality;
2. There is no direct contact between the quality sensor and the fluid, therefore, it is least affected by impurities in the fluid or frozen fluid;
3. When the quality sensor is used in a fluid delivery system, it is also able to detect failures in the system.



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