This technology is about an apparatus and method for controlling a device using pulse signals. In the apparatus and method, a two-stage control is used to generate pulse signals, which can be a PWM signal, a pulse signal including a PWM signal with a sleeping time, or a PDM signal. The two-stage control includes a second stage control, which generates pulse signals according to parameter values generated periodically by a first stage according to a target value and feedback sensing values. The two-stage control can be used in decreasing perturbation in a closed-loop control and accurate open-loop control.

Uniqueness and benefits of this technology:
1. Compensation to system control is made in each cycle of a first stage PWM signal;
2. Each cycle of the first stage PWM signal includes multiple cycles of a second stage PWM signal, in each cycle of which its duty cycle is updated;
3. The two-stage pulse control introduces perturbation parameters into control loop, and thereby can be used for increasing system robustness or accurate open-loop control.

An application of the two-stage pulse control is controlling DEF dosing rate.



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