Qeys Instruments ddevelops new technologies for consumer electronics, including smart ovens and smart refrigerators which uses RFID temperature sensing tags, RFID bio-sensing devices and systems, anti-counterfeiting devices using RFID tags and conducting polymer sensors, and fatigue detection devices that detects eye lid movements.







Fatigure detection device
RFID bio-sensing system
Anti-counterfeiting device


This technology is about an eye movement and reflectivity measurement device that uses IR sensors. In this device, eyelid movement and eye reflectivity are measured simultaneously by using encoded IR signals. Eye reflectivity is used to detect early fatigue while eyelid movement is used for monitoring late fatigue. For more accurately and reliably measuring reflectivity, the IR light emitting intensity is adjusted according to background light conditions. This device can work during both daytime and nighttime, while IR light generates least distraction to the driver.

This technology is about a counterfeiting device for a package with conducting polymers incorporated in RFID tags as sensing elements and an antenna, and sensing information obtained therefrom together with a RFID code is read by an interrogator. The RFID code is unique, and a change in the RFID tag introduces a change in sensing values. Thereby, abnormities can be detected when a valid RFID code or required sensing information is not available. In addition to a few benefits of RFID devices, e.g., inexpensive RFID tags and passive RFID tags without batteries, unlike other counterfeiting technologies, such as holographic images, special inks and dyes, watermarks, and physical-chemical identifiers, the RFID counterfeiting device allows instructions, warnings, or even receipts be written into RFID tags in a store during selling. This uniqueness makes it impossible to reuse the package or refill without authorization. And the conducting polymer makes it extremely difficult to create a fake device.


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This technology is about an RFID bio-sensing system with energy harvesting capability. The system includes RFID sensor tags with sensing elements incorporated for generating a mixed code sequence including an ID code and sensing pulses, an interrogator, which can be integrated with smart phones, and energy harvesting devices that are able to generate continuous wave for powering the RFID sensor tags. The ID code in the mixed code sequence contains information about the sensing elements, while the use of sensing pulses lowers power consumption and makes the sensing process insensitive to variations in voltage supply. The new features also allow an energy harvesting device to be integrated in the RFID sensor tags, powering RFID sensing process with energy harvested from the sensing elements. In the RFID sensing system, no wire is required to link the sensors to energy harvesting devices and connect energy harvesting devices to energy storage devices, and RFID sensing tags are inexpensive and continent to wear.
This technology can be used in health monitoring, such as diagnosis and ongoing treatment of neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases such as seizures, hypertension, dysthymias, and asthma. For applications in heath monitoring, in addition to low cost and convenience in use, which make the RFID sensing technology highly competitive compared to other technologies, the RFID sensing technology may also create unique applications, such as implantable glucose sensors without batteries and temperature sensing capsule for measuring esophagus temperature.